E-bike servicing, repairs and spare parts – from Australia’s best

At Dolomiti, you can expect end-to-end support from true e-bike experts. Our specialists are here to help you find the right electric bike. And our skilled mechanics can keep it in shipshape.

Swift e-bike servicing to keep you riding

If you’ve just bought an e-bike, we recommend having it serviced when it reaches 300km.

From there, it’s a good idea to service your e-bike every 6-9 months if you ride daily. But if you only ride on weekends for example, once a year is fine.

We generally need around 90 minutes to service your e-bike, which involves:

  • Safety checks
  • A full wash
  • Gear alignment
  • Chain and cable lubrication
  • Tyre pumping
  • Brake tunes
  • Bolt and screw tightening
  • Software system updates

We’ll also give you a full report on the condition of your e-bike, which covers aspects such as how many times your battery has been charged and kilometres travelled.

Reliable e-bike repairs

Whether it’s a flat battery or issues with your sensor, we can diagnose and repair any problems you’re experiencing with your e-bike. While we’re at it, we also:

  • Clean and tighten bolts and gears
  • Tune your brakes if necessary
  • Update your e-bike’s software
  • Provide you with a full report on the health of your bike

Snap up a spare part

Need to replace your battery? Looking for a new display?

At Dolomiti, we hold an extensive range of spare e-bike parts – sourced direct from trusted manufacturers. Soif you need a spare part for your e-bike, get in touch.

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