Riese & Muller

R&M Cruiser

We’re bringing what once used to be called strolling right up to date and putting it on the Cruiser Mixte. Now it doesn’t matter where to any more, just where. You read the landscape or the city like a book and throw stress to the four winds. Let the others chase lost time. With the Cruiser Mixte, you’ll find the moment and the day becomes timeless. Just like the design of the Cruiser Mixte: stylish colour accents on the frame and grips, 28” tires, a shiny chrome chain guard and a low step-through. Only the Bosch Performance motor takes you into the future with every km/h.

From $5500 inc. GST

The Riese and Muller Cruiser is a beautiful hybrid electric bike. It mixes classic styling, design and materials with latest Bosch ebike technology.

Standard features include integrated light system (front/reat), rear rack for baskets or panniers and a integrated locking sytstem.

We have the Riese and Muller Cruiser in-store for you to view and test ride.

For further information please contact us (03) 9982 1440 or info@dolomiti.net.au. Showroom OPEN 7 days.


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