Gocycle GX

The new GoCycle GX revisits GoCycle's existing design to create an e-bike that folds in just under 10 seconds. The GX model remains true to the Gocycle DNA of stylish, lightweight, no compromises design – and fun! - however it has a fast-folding, compact, structure that you can also wheel along once stowed. This gives it exceptional versatility and usability. In designer Richard Thorpe's words, "a perfect companion for daily commuting and for helping people to live a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle in our cities.”

For more information please contact us on info@dolomiti.net.au, (03)9982 1440 or come in-store and see one for yourself.

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$5499 inc. GST

Owners can specify their new fast-folding GX in one of three bespoke Gocycle colour options: Electric Blue, Matt Black, or White with a Black Cleandrive. 

It features torque sensing, direct mechanical shifting and an integrated LED battery fuel gauge housed within Gocycle’s unique oversized handlebar design that allows users to monitor battery charge level while on the move. The battery is fully integrated in the GX’s frame for ease of travel and provides up to 65km range. It can be quickly removed for charging or maintenance if required.  

The Gocycle GX is compatible with Gocycle’s key own designed accessories for the commuter such as mudguards, lights, and front pannier. It is also compatible with the GocycleConnect App, which provides infinite customised driving modes as well as interesting health statistics such as calories burned, maximum and average pedal power.

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