Gocycle G3 2019

The GoCycle G3 folding electric bike is one of the most innovative and beautifully designed electric bikes available in the world today. Designed with comfort, convenience and usability in mind, it leverages the advanced engineering and technology of the automotive world to deliver an electric bike that is a game changer and in a league of its own. Originally designed to provide a convenient and low maintenance means of transport for yachts and sailors, it has also become a firm favourite for caravaners and apartment dwellers looking for something practical, beautifully designed and edgy. 

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$6299 inc. GST

Personalise your ride:  You can take the Gocycle G3 to a whole new level with the GocycleConnect App. This smartphone app allows you to tailor the eBike to your specific needs. You can quickly change assistance modes from City, Eco and full on Demand modes, and there is also the option to program your speed settings. Not so fussed on fancy tech? Don't worry. It is not required to ride the GoCycle - it just gives you the flexibility if you want it. 

For those that love their tech though you can use the Gocycle Connect G3 smartphone app for a host of new features - upload maps, log your calories burned, track your distance. Even check the weather! On the practical side it doubles as an easy troubleshooting tool and security device, with a "kill" option to immobilise your GoCycle if stolen.

The lightest electric bike in class. Thanks to its magnesium frame and superb design, at just over 15kg in weight the GoCycle G3 is the lightest production electric bike on the market. This is an amazing feat given it is dual suspension and carries a large battery. It's low centre of gravity with the weight centralised around the bottom bracket makes it agile and easy to handle, and it is easy to lift and manoeuvre at home. It is also one of the most compact ebikes when folded, folding down neatly into an impressive 60cm x 76cm x 30cm space. Great for boats, cars, motorhomes and private aircraft. A portable docking station is also available for stowage as an extra. One of the things that makes it so compact when folded is the quick-detach PitstopWheels, another clever GoCycle-specific design. 

Technical Specifications

Motor 250watt with traction control
Battery 300Wh, 22V 13.7ah
Approx Weight 15kg
Wheel Size 20inch
Gears Electronic and Auto shift
Brakes Hydraulic Disc
Gears 3 Speed Shimano Nexus ,clean drive
Folding Dimensions 600mm X 760mm X 300mm with folding pedals
Frame Material: Magnesium

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