Butchers & Bicycles

Butchers & Bicycles

Based in the meatpacking district in Copenhagen - hence the name Butchers & Bicycles – a team of three Design Engineers (Morten, Morten and Jakob) have developed the Mk1 cargo bike for anyone who needs the space and opportunities of a cargo bike, but doesn't wish to compromise on the joy of cycling. Butchers & Bicycles started with a simple idea to improve the cargo bike and produce the best bike to replace your car. They set out to make a product that is so functional, thrilling and beautiful it could actually compete with other means of urban transportation. Their goal was to combine the space and opportunities of the traditional trikes with the joy of gliding through an urban landscape on a two-wheeler. They create these amazing bikes because truly great products can change lives. The Mk1 is designed with passion and hand built for you with pride and love of Copenhagen.

Come in today and give this amazing electric trike a test ride?

$9900 inc. GST

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