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Dolomiti Penetrates Luxury E-Bike Market in Australia with Gocycle

4th August 2014 15:00 - dolomiti

Gocycle is a well-known brand of e-bikes from the United Kingdom. They have introduced extremely popular folding electric bicycles. It has gained a wide acceptance among users across the globe. Now Dolomiti has welcomed the dealership plan to present this luxury range to our Melbourne customers in the coming times.

Audi E-bike, Folding E-bikes, & Drunken E-biking?!

4th August 2014 14:47 - dolomiti

NY City effort to reclassify e-bikes as cars is shelved for now, new concept bikes from Audi and Geoby, an e-bike with an automatic transmission, a new foldable e-bike coming from Portland Oregon and finally, more e-bikes on the roads bring more stories of drunken riding.

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