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Want to learn how to maintain your E-Bike!!

27th August 2014 16:01 - dolomiti

  Dolomiti is conducting 2 ebike maintainence training days (26 July & 09 August). Both sessions commence at 11am at 1075 Heidelberg Rd, Ivanhoe. …

Ride for Cambodia

27th August 2014 15:59 - dolomiti

Want to go on an overseas cycling adventure of a lifetime? Why not sign up to the National Breast Cancer Foundation Ride for Research: Cambodia Cycle 2015

2014 BH Emotion Electric Bikes Video

4th August 2014 16:12 - dolomiti

  The 2014 BH Emotion Neo Electric Bikes range has just launched in Australia. Dolomiti Electric Bikes have the full range of Emotion to test ride at th…

Neo Cross Christmas Special

4th August 2014 15:59 - dolomiti

  Coming into Christmas why not pick up a great present at a bargain price for the brand new 2014 BH Emotion Neo Cross. They will not last at this price…

Can This Electric Bicycle Really Save The Planet?

4th August 2014 15:10 - dolomiti

A Bangkok-based design firm wants to make riders even more smug with a bicycle that actually cleans the air.

10 Factory Mid Drives for Electric Bikes in 2014

4th August 2014 15:10 - dolomiti

Mid drives are taking the electric bike world by storm this year, and they were the break-out story of 2013 at the two biggest international bike shows. The big global bicycle manufacturers have added dozens of mid-drive models to their line-up, and this was only about a year after many of them had first started adding electric hub-motored E-bikes to their catalog.

Electric Bikes: Not Cars, Not Bikes, Just Right

4th August 2014 15:04 - dolomiti

Not to oversell it, but the electric bike might be the single best urban transportation option out there.

2014 New Models of BH Emotion Electric Bikes

4th August 2014 15:00 - dolomiti

For all the e-bike lovers, especially the ones fond of BH electric bikes there’s good news! Dolomiti, being the finest electric bikes provider in Australia, has been researching and experimenting with new models for the coming year of 2014 that can attract all the requirements that an idle e-bike lover is looking for.

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