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Dolomiti partners with Tasmanian Ebike Adventures

25th January 2017 15:59 - dolomiti

About Tasmanian Ebike Adventures Tasmanian Ebike Adventures is a newly developed Tasmanian adventure tourism venture launched in 2017 by local adventure entr…


17th April 2016 12:48 - dolomiti…

Dolomiti E-bike Tours - Tuscany

24th November 2014 15:27 - dolomiti

E-BIKE TOUR: TUSCANY AND ITS WONDERS Tuscany is no doubt one of the most popular and visited places in Italy, its hills and cypresses are among the most…

Dolomiti E-bike Tours - The Dolomites

24th November 2014 15:26 - dolomiti

E-BIKE TOUR: THE CHARM OF THE DOLOMITES  The chain of the Dolomites is an open-air museum. This amazing Italian area is part of the 50 Italian site…

Why should you purchase an e-bike?

3rd October 2014 15:48 - dolomiti

  There are many reasons why you should purchase an e-bike. Are you tired of sitting for hours in your car, waiting for public transport or paying fo…

Gepida Bosch System Ruga: another happy customer!

30th September 2014 12:08 - dolomiti

  Riding an e-bike is always a great experience: an electric bike gives you that extra assistance to go up the hills with a very small effort. One of…

Bosch Gepida Ruga 1000

27th August 2014 17:03 - dolomiti

Would you like to know more about the Bosch system ebike Gepida Ruga?  The Ebike Reviews Team has recently published an updated review of this grea…

Quadlock – Take your telephone with you!

27th August 2014 16:19 - dolomiti

  The QUADLOCK is an Iphone Mounting System, perfect for mounting your smartphone to handlebars; it comes with protective poncho and quick-rel…

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