Frequently Asked Questions

When you are ready to buy electric bike, here are some common questions worth considering.

How do electric bikes work?

Firstly push a button on a screen located on the handlebars to wake up electronics and then. Start your ride.

All our electric bikes are pedal assisted. What that means is that you pedal like a regular bike however a motor which gets power from a battery helps you along. The motor is located in the centre of the bike and are called (mid-drive). The motor assistance will adjust based on your pedal speed,pressure and the feeling is somewhat similar to swimming with flippers on. You're still the primary source of energy however the motor in this case magnifies your input. The great thing it feels like you're riding a bike but the hard part of riding up a hill or into the wind is taken care of. You can adjust how much help you get by pushing a button on your screen. If you're struggling and need more help you push a plus button or push minus when riding on a flat or down hill. You can turn the assistance completely off if you like.

How fast do electric bikes go?

The speed of an electric bike is still controlled your legs however once you reach 25kph the motor no longer assist. You can ride faster than 25kph however however you are doing all the work. This speed restriction in a government regulation which Australia adopted in 2012, aligning themselves with European regulations.

How far can I go on a single charge?

We've found 60-80 kilometers per charge. If you want more specific range calculations use this calculator. We use it all the time to help customers find the correct battery capacity for their needs.

What's the life of our ebike batteries?

Dolomiti partners with the best technology brands on the market and expect 6+ years as a minumum. We also only sell electric bikes where the battery can be sourced in Australia via partners such as Bosch.

Can I ride my electric bicycle in the rain?

Yes you can ride your ebike in the rain and you probably will at some point. They are fully water proof.

What are the most important benefits of an ebike?

Apart from them being fun to ride here are some of the benefits customers have shared over the years. 

- getting to work with less effort and not having to change clothing at the other end, due to sweat.

- releaving stress on joints like knees and hips. Fantastic for rehabilitation also.

-getting up those hills or riding into the wind with less effort

- replacing the car. The electric bike can get you around town so easily and quickly you can consider it as a vehicle replacement

- health. Conveniece of getting around easily while improving health at the same time

Hopefully the above is helpful and here are 5 things we think you must know before buying an ebike other than the right size and model.

1) Battery. Is the battery size suitable for your needs? Most of the major electric bike supply companies have a few battery options. Bosch for example have 3 battery options and it's important you know the benefits and features of each. We help customers find the correct battery style, shape and size to meet their needs.

2)Motor. Is the motor fitted to your ebike best suited to your application? There are varying levels of motor torque. Bosch for example has 4 and Shimano has 2. For example if you're looking for an electric mountain bike you'll want the motor with the highest level of torque as you'll be spending most of the time going up and down very steep hills. Or you may be commuting to work or just doing rail trails and don't need the really high torque motors. These are all very important things to consider and test riding is very important. Certain motors use more power than other so it's important to combine point 1 and 2. 

3)Local Support. Does the technology brand fitted to your ebike have local support? The technology brands on all our ebike (Bosch, Shimano, Fazua) have set up local and national support in Australia. This is very important as you may need something replaced today or in many years down the track. Find out what the technolgy brand is on the ebike you're interested and make sure it's supported locally. Don't get caught out.

4)Diagniostics. Can your ebike be connected to diagnostics for health check and updates? This is very important as you need to know how many times your battery has been charged, how many km's you're getting per charge and are there any software updates worth getting. Ebike nowdays are no differerent to your phone. You should have the option to update software for better performance, effeciency while knowing what its current health is also. Servicing intervals that remind you when your're ebike is due for service is also important. We provide reports to every customer when they collect their ebike and run through all this important information which we can complare on future reports.

5) Test Ride. Can you test ride the ebikes that you're interested in? Test riding is very important and that's why Dolomiti relocated in 2014 to a location sitiuated on a hilll. Electric bikes do there best work on hills and it's important you try various technologies, motor types and style of ebike. We find a daily basis that a test ride can change what people think is the right ebike and that's why we have a test ride model of every ebike we sell. If you can't test ride a few different models how do you know you're making the best choice.




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