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We are happy to bring you the best electric bike brands from around the globe!

Electric bikes emerged in the 1890s, but it has gradually become famous because of the many advantages it offers, both personally and globally. Electric bikes or e-bikes have been considered a revolutionary form of transportation especially in Melbourne, Australia. There’s more to it than just being a tool to get physically and mentally fit. It is faster so it allows you to have more time for other things. It promotes saving, as it does not require any license or insurance. It’s way safer for the user and for the environment, and owning one automatically links you to an elite community of e-bikers who share the same passion and reasons.

We, at Dolomiti Electric Bicycles, are happy to bring the best electric bike brands to Melbourne from around the globe. Whether your aim is to brave a tough trail or just move around the city, one of our latest e-bicycles, made of supreme quality materials, can take you wherever you want to go. Choose which e-bike suits you best, feel the big difference and GET MOVING.

Offroad Ebikes

The off-road ebike is a fantastic way to experience those tough trails with a bit of assistance.  Dolomiti has an extensive range of electric mountain ebikes which are sui …

Commuter Ebikes

Tired of waiting for public transport or being stuck in traffic for hours? Dolomiti ebikes provide the solution you’re looking for! Take a look at our range of urban ebik …

Folding Ebikes

Lack of space, small apartment, your girlfriend has given you the final notice “ It’s me or the bike!”? Thanks to Dolomiti you will never have to worry about it again! …

Electric Road Ebikes

New for the 2019 range are Dolomiti's electric road ebikes. Weighing between 11 - 14kgs electric road bikes are a new catergory allowing you continue riding a road bike wi …

Hybrid E-Bikes

Not sure if you want to use your e-bike for city commuting or for a nice weekend with your family in the countryside? A Dolomiti Hybrid Bike is the perfect balance between the …

EBike Carriers

Dolomiti understands your active lifestyle and we want to make sure that you will be able to transport your e-bicycle wherever you want your “great adventure” to start. Or …

Cargo Ebikes

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