In 1810, the Peugeot family converted the water-driven mill in Sous-Cratet into a steel foundry. They manufactured a variety of products, and in 1882, Armand Peugeot designed the “Grand Bi” model of “Penny farthing” bicycle (with 51-inch diameter front wheel), which became known for its quality, and it was well-received by the cycling public. (The Frenchman Eugene Mayer has been credited with the invention of the “high-wheel” style of bicycle in 1869).Peugeot began manufacturing bicycles late in the new “highwheeler” trend, and only four years later they switched to manufacturing a “safety” style of bicycle. The new safety bicycles were patented by the British inventor John Starley in 1884, and they became immediately popular. This transformed the bicycle and was the birth of the explosion in the bicycle as a realistic means of affordable transportation.

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