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Why should you purchase an e-bike?

3rd October 2014 15:48 - dolomiti


There are many reasons why you should purchase an e-bike.

Are you tired of sitting for hours in your car, waiting for public transport or paying for your registration fees every year? Why not purchase an e-bike?

An electric bike represents freedom, self-reliance and mobility.

Owing an e-bike can mean an end to bumper-to-bumper traffic and parking fines.

The e-bike eliminates the problem arriving at work hot and sweaty; you need a very low effort to pedal and you will have so much fun while riding.

The e-bike is the perfect means of transport for enjoying spring and summer. You can go and do your shopping without having to sweat. You might wish to add extra panniers or cargo racks where you can take heavier loads.

E-bikes are not for lazy people! Even though the bike is assisted, you will have to exercise and do some physical activity. If you do not pedal, you do not get any assistance!

The e-bike allows you to cover longer distances that you could hardly accomplish with your normal pushbike.

E-bikes do not pollute, they contribute to your physical and psychological wellbeing while also allowing you to avoid taking public transports or using a car!

We cannot foresee the future, but statistics say that it will be an “electric future”. 

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