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Gepida Bosch System Ruga: another happy customer!

30th September 2014 12:08 - dolomiti


Riding an e-bike is always a great experience: an electric bike gives you that extra assistance to go up the hills with a very small effort.

One of customers seems to have really liked his experience with his new Gepida Bosch System Mountain Bike Ruga, and he decided to share it with us. 


"It's hard for me to take the time to write about my Gepida Ruga E bike as I just love being on it!

My knees are not good and my husband is a keen cyclist, so we thought an E bike could be just the thing to enable us to ride together.

I find if I set the bike to Tour, it is ideal for us to road ride together on the hilly coast road up to Bermagui. When I lag on the hills, it's easy to put the bike into Sport mode for a bit, then reset to Tour. I was very pleased when I rode the 46kms from Bermi to Tathra to see that I had only used 2 of the 5 bars of electricity, so there was plenty for me to ride the last hill in Turbo! Lots of fun.

We are fortunate here in Tathra to have many Kms of single tracks built through the forest. I've ridden TNT, the Fireline, Soft Sally, Paula's Park and The Corkscrew on my Gepida and I found that the steep bits, the log jumps, the s bends and the berms were lots of fun.

I am amazed at how intuitive the bike is. The power comes in just when I need it, and is not there when I want to slow up or descend steeply.

Our shopping experience when purchasing the Gepida Ruga from John at Dolomiti Cycles was excellent. John had 2 sizes of bike ready for me to try, and encouraged me to go for a proper ride to really get the feel of the E bike. It was inclement weather and the surface of the bike track made the bike a bit dirty. John was not fazed by this. He was just keen for me to get the bike that was right for me.

I am thrilled with my Gepida Ruga. It will extend my cycling life and fitness for years to come."

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