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Dolomiti partners with Tasmanian Ebike Adventures

25th January 2017 15:59 - dolomiti

About Tasmanian Ebike Adventures

Tasmanian Ebike Adventures is a newly developed Tasmanian adventure tourism venture launched in 2017 by local adventure entrepreneur Ben Rea. As your guide, Ben provides unique nature-based adventures on Bangor a historically significant private working farm and nature reserve on Tasmania’s iconic East coast, using the world’s best Ebike technology.


The Collaboration Between Dolomiti and Tasmanian Ebike Adventures

In seeking out the best bikes to outfit the tours, Ben traveled to Melbourne and met with Giampaolo Zanol, from Dolomiti, to experience and test ride the wide range of HaiBikes that Dolomiti has access to bring into Australia.

Over the following months, the pair worked closely to create a fleet of HaiBike XDURO Hardsevens to allow guests with an adventurous spirit to undertake a breathtaking riding experience. Incorporating dramatic sea cliffs and remote beaches, the circuit encompasses 22 kilometers of the finest coastal and forest riding Tasmania has to offer.


About The Tours

Tasmanian Ebike Adventures caters for guests seeking a truly magnificent and unique riding experience in pristine outdoor landscapes.

This opportunity is made possible by offering exclusive private access to a naturally and culturally rich pocket of private Tasmanian coastal property. Situated on Bangor Farm on the Forestier peninsula of Tasmania’s East Coast, is a private property that marks the site of the first landfall by Dutch explorer Abel Tasman in 1642.

The remarkable coastline is embedded with stories and relationships that have been cared for by its Aboriginal and Tasmanian custodians for centuries. Because Tasmanian Ebike Adventures has exclusive access to this unique location with small groups of eight riders, guests are offered a rare and personal experience that is unrivaled.

Riders have the luxury of experiencing the beaches, dramatic cliffs, and forests to themselves. This coupled with the joy of riding the world best in pedal assisted Ebikes alongside passionate expert local guides, and Tasmanian fine food, Tasmania Ebike Adventures combines to create a truly unique and special experience.

To find out more about these exclusive tours, please visit:

or call Tasmanian Ebike Adventures on 0438 072 453.

Alternatively, contact Giampaolo from Dolomiti via or call 03 9982 1440 to find out more.

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