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Bosch Gepida Ruga 1000

27th August 2014 17:03 - dolomiti

Would you like to know more about the Bosch system ebike Gepida Ruga? 

The Ebike Reviews Team has recently published an updated review of this great off-road e-bike. 

Come to our showroom in Ivanhoe and test it today! 

" The brakes have continued to impress with no audible squeaking, including when it’s rained, and apart from oiling the chain there hasn’t been anything else that’s needed maintenance. Chain slap should be observed and at times when things got a little rough, there was enough jump that the chain came off the ring. A chain tensioner would have been good here, though with the 2014 Ruga, there’s no need for it, as it uses a much smaller front sprocket, with the gearing now inside the drive unit. Now, with one full turn of the inside gear, it will actually turn the outside gear 2 and half times.

The battery has been excellent and has continued to give the same performance down to the last bar. We’ve had the chance to test the range of the 2013 Ruga on other settings, and with the bike in Sport Mode, we were seeing around 62km. Using the Tour assist setting, we saw up to 75km, though our average speed was slower at 18km/hr instead of the 22km/hr we saw on Turbo assist. We imagine using Eco mode, we’d see over 85km, though you would be putting in a good amount of effort with your heart rate pumping to achieve that distance.

Using the unlocking dongle on Turbo assist, we were seeing around 25km in range, but our average speed was way up at 37-39km/hr, which is quite fast off-road. Throughout the entire battery range, our speed didn’t drop off from 42km/hr pedalling at the same cadence and we didn’t see much if any drop in torque. This tells us the discharge curve for these cells is quite linear. In the 2014 Ruga, the Performance line now offers 60N.m of torque, and up to 275% more assistance in Turbo mode, as opposed to 50N.m and 250% in the Classic+ equipped Ruga."


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